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Laura Jeffcoat

Laura Jeffcoat/Lowri Mills is a behaviorist and pioneer in virtual education. She is the CEO of Learn It Town, LLC. She was the original founder of this start up and for almost seven years has been a driving force behind every aspect of the development of this community. She is involved with LiT’s education and training, its day to day operation in addition to all strategy and planning for the school. She works constantly building our international virtual educational community. Ms. Jeffcoat is a developer of ESL educational gaming for different cultures. She is in direct contact with students and teachers from all over the world (over 74 countries) which has provided her with valuable insight on how to make language learning in virtual worlds engaging, user friendly and effective. She also has extensive experience managing the delivery of new digital products to a variety of educational and commercial institutions, such as Pearson Education, the Brazilian Government, Chevron, Emery-Roberts and many other organizations.

Specialties: Virtual worlds experiential instructional design using guided cognition, product development and testing. Building a virtual world from the ground up, which included visual and auditory functionality, a faux tactile response with a gaming environment, building a community of content, customers and students.

  • Specialist in educational gaming environment, management and implementation
  • Specialist in the psychology of virtual learning
  • Adept with art tools, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3DS Max for prototype design
  • Background in Visual Communications Design community of content customers and students
  • Adept in the use of scripting



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