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Thanksgiving – Friends – part I.

1:58 min video about English trifle as a dessert at Thanksgiving – level B1/B2

part I.

Joey: Rach, you’re killin’ us here, will ya serve the dessert already? Those drunken dancers are waiting!

Rachel: (looking at her triffle) Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?

Ross: Yeah, yeah, what is it?

Rachel: It’s a triffle. It’s got all of these layers.

First there’s a layer of ladyfingers,


then a layer of jam, then custard (puding, vaječný krém),

which I made from scratch (vyrobila jsem od počátku), [Joey and Ross make impressed faces]

then raspberries, more ladyfingers,

then beef sauteed with peas and onions (hovězí dušené s hráškem a cibulí), [Joey and Ross look like something’s wrong.]

then a little more custard, and then bananas, and then I just put

some whipped cream (našlehaný krém) on top!

whiped cream

[Joey and Ross make confused faces.]

Ross: W-What was the one right before bananas?

Rachel: The beef? Yeah, that was weird to me, too.

But then, y’know, I thought “well, there’s mince meat (sekané maso) pie (koláč),” 

mince meat pie


I mean that’s an English dessert, these people just put very strange things in their food, y’know. [To Joey] Oh! by the way, can I borrow some Rum from your place?

Joey: Y-sure!

Rachel: (teasingly) And while I’m gone don’t you boys sneak a taste.

Joey and Ross: (faking dissapointment) Okay.

[Rachel leaves]

Ross: Beef in a dessert?! I- no no no, there is no way!

[Ross goes to look in the magazine Rachel got her recipe from.]

Joey: I know, and only one layer of jam?! What is up with that?

[Ross looks up as if saying that Joey was weird. He begins flipping through the pages, only to find that they are sticky. So one page is overlapping (překrývají) another, making two recipes look like one.]

Ross: Oh my God, the pages are stuck together!

Joey: (turning to Chandler in a scolding tone) Chandler!

Ross: Oh My God, she-she made half a English Trifle, and half a…Sheperd’s Pie!

Joey: (sad) Oh man! Now she’s gonna start all over! We’re never gonna get to introduce the hot girls to the new world!

Ross: No, no, we will. We just won’t tell her she messed up.

Joey: Just let her serve the beef-custard thing?

Ross: Yeah, it’ll be like a funny Thanksgiving story!

Joey: (shrugging his shoulders to go along with it) Vomiting stories are funny…

[Rachel enters]

Rachel: Joey, God, your apartment is like a hundred degrees!




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