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Thanksgiving – Friends – part II.

3:55 min video about English trifle as a dessert at Thanksgiving – level B1/B2

part II.


Rachel: (sarcastically) No, I did, but tell me again, because it’s so romantic.

Joey: Well you’re whippin’ so slow! Can’t you do it any faster?

Rachel: Joey! Come on! I don’t wanna make any mistakes, alright? This is the only dessert and if I screw it up everybody’s gonna be like “Oh, remember that Thanksgiving when Rachel screwed up the trifle?”

[Joey gives her an understanding look.]

Rachel: So why don’t you just let me worry about making the trifle and you just worry about eating it, alright?

Joey: Oh I am!

[Chandler and Monica are by the window pressuring Ross to tell his parents the truth.]

Monica: Ross, if you don’t tell them, then I will!

Ross: Okay, fine!

[Ross gets up to go tell his parents.]

[Joey rushes over.]

Joey: Ross! Can I talk to you for a second?

Ross: Oh, uh, can it wait a second Joey? I have to tell my parents something. No it can’t? Okay.

[Monica and Chandler make “What was that?” gestures. Joey and Ross go into Rachel’s old room.]

[Scene: Rachel’s old room, Ross and Joey enter.]

Joey: Okay, look, I think we have to tell Rachel she messed up her dessert.

Ross: What?! What is with everybody? It’s Thanksgiving, not…Truth-Day!

Joey: Look, when everyone eats that…that…Banana-Meat thing, they’re all gonna’ make fun of her, do you want that?

Ross: Okay, okay, we’ll just get everyone to act like they like it. That-that way noone makes fun of her and we still get to go to Sweet Potatoe Pie! (Referring to the dancers.)

Joey: (scolding) Dude, they’re not objects.

[Ross makes a sorry face.]

Joey: Just kiddin,’ I’ll talk to them, you distract (rozptýlit) Rach.

[Joey and Ross go back out into the main area.]

Ross: Hey Rach, can I talk to you outside for a second?

Rachel: Okay…

[The hallway. Rachel and Ross go out and they just stand there for a few seconds.]

Rachel: What’s up, Ross?

Ross: So um…Thanksgiving. The holiday season is upon us, hm?

Rachel: Yeah!

Ross: And um…You look nice today.

Rachel: Oh no. No Ross, don’t do this.

Ross: What?

Rachel: I just- I don’t think us getting back together is a good idea.

Ross: (shocked) Eh?

Rachel: I thought this might happen today. Ross, I know the holidays can be rough. Y’know? And it’s probably really hard for you to be alone right now.

Ross: (cutting her off) You’re alone.

Rachel: No, I-I live with Phoebe. I mean you’re [pity-tone] alone, alone. And I just-it’s just not the time for us. I’m sorry.

Ross: (just trying to get out of the conversation) Ah well, can’t blame a guy for trying!

[Inside Monica and Chandler’s. Joey is almost done explaining the situation to everyone.]

Joey: Oh and (Ross begins to open the door and Joey says some gibberish word to indicate to Ross that he’s not done yet. Ross closes the door again.) Okay, and uh if anyone needs help pretending to like it, I learned something in acting class, try uh, rubbing your stomach (Rubs his stomach) or uh, or saying “mmm” and uh, oh oh! And smiling (Smiles while pretending to stir a bowl), okay?

Chandler: Yeah, I’m not gonna pay for those acting classes anymore.

[Ross and Rachel re-enter.]

Joey: Rachel, there you are! Come on, let’s serve that dessert already!

Rachel: Joey, you’re gonna have to stop rushing me, you know what? You don’t get any dessert.

Joey: (happily) Really?

Rachel: No, I’m just kidding I would never do that to you! Okay, everybody, it’s trifle time!

Phoebe: So, now, Rach, this is a traditional English trifle, isn’t it?

Rachel: It sure is.

Phoebe: Wow. So then did you make it with beef or Eggplant (lilek)?


Rachel: Beef.

Phoebe: I can’t have any. You know I don’t eat meat. (Faking dissapointment.) Ohhh no.

[Phoebe gets up and goes into Rachel’s old room, a smile on her face.]

Rachel: Alright, Monica, I want you to have the first taste.

Monica: Really?

[Rachel hands Monica a plate. Monica takes a spoonful of the whipped cream portion.]

Rachel: Oh oh oh, wait! You only got whipped cream in there! Ya gotta take a bite with all the layers!

Monica: Okay.

[Monica takes a bigger spoonful and a pea falls off]

Rachel: Op! Wait, you dropped a pea.

[Monica puts the pea on top of the spoonful and takes a bite.]

Rachel: Well?

Monica: (faking joy. Rubbing her stomach and smiling at the same time, like Joey said) Mmmm! It’s good!



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