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Thanksgiving – Friends – part III.


Monica: (faking joy. Rubbing her stomach and smiling at the same time, like Joey said) Mmmm! It’s good!

Rachel: Really? How good?

Monica: It’s so good, that I feel really selfish about being the only one who’s eating it, that I think we should have everyone taste how good it is. Especially Ross.

[Ross glares at Monica.]

[Everyone takes a bite of their trifle.]

All: (faking enjoyment) Mmm.

Chandler: (clearly lying and hating the dessert) Yeah, this is so good, that I’m gonna go enjoy it on the balcony so that I can enjoy the view whilst I enjoy my dessert.

[Chandler exits to the balcony.]

Mrs. Geller: (lying) I’ve gotta call my friend Mary and tell her how good this is, from Monica’s room.

Mr. Geller: (also lying) I’ll help you dial.

[Jack and Judy exit to Monica’s room.]

Monica: (again, lying) I’m gonna go into the bathroom so I can look at it in the mirror, as I eat it.

[Monica exits to the bathroom.]

Rachel: Okay, now what was that all about? Is it-does it not taste good? Let me try it.

[Rachel reaches for Ross’s plate]

Ross: Wha? No no! Ah! (Ross scarfs all of his trifle down in about a second. He looks like he’s going to throw up.) (Lying) All gone! So good! Maybe Chandler has some left.

[Rachel leaves to the balcony.]

Ross: It tastes like feet!

Joey: I like it.

Ross: Are you kidding?

Joey: What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood.

[Rachel and Chandler re-emerge from the balcony.]

Rachel: …So a bird just grabbed it, and then tried to fly away with it and, and then just dropped it on the street?

[Chandler makes a fake „I know I couldn’t believe it either“ gesture.]

Chandler: (lying) Yes, but if it’s any consolation, before the bird dropped it, he seemed to enjoy it.

[Phoebe comes back from Rachel’s old room.]



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